How Important Is Creativity In Your Business?

It is easy to believe that creativity should be left to the departments which require a high level of creative thinking such as marketing and graphic design. Realistically, however, creativity is a vital part of each unit, even in such areas as accounting and human resources.

Why do you need creativity in your business?

Without creativity, your business is not able to outperform their competitors. You are at a high risk of attaching yourself to unhelpful or effective routines which have the potential to limit your success and growth. Creativity can lead to winning marketing campaigns and an increase in sales. It can also build a tight-knit organisational culture that is based on and encourages creativity within each team. A cross-departmental approach may need to be undertaken to ensure that “creativity brief” is understood by all departments. It is the large number and diversity of ideas that will give your business a greater chance to succeed.

Freedom of expression in a business environment naturally opens itself up to a high level of creative thoughts and actions. Don’t restrict the potential of your staff, or yourself, for that matter.

Acknowledge that creativity is an important part of your business?

While many companies believe that there is indeed a strong connection between creativity and business, it is sometimes hard for them to marry the two. To be innovative is not an overnight success story. It needs to be a reflective part of all those who manage and work in the organisation, leaders included. Creativity cannot flourish if it is not acknowledged and valued by the whole company.

Remember, what works for one member of the team, may not work for another. Offering quiet, private workspaces to build creativity or taking the office outdoors for external inspiration may be necessary. Plan an event to allow everyone let their hair down and partake in semi-informal business conversations. You never know where this may lead. Everyone has the potential to be creative when they are in the right environment.

Create a healthy space for brainstorming

Creative advice and unique perspectives need to be welcomed at all levels in a nonjudgmental atmosphere. Brainstorming sessions, whether in person or by video technology, should regularly be undertaken to tap into the productive wells. All new ideas should be respected and embraced wholeheartedly. A variety of different geographic locations should no longer be a hindrance to the creative process.

While unconventional or original thinking may be hard to foster at the outset, it can eventually be learnt. Despite this obvious steep learning curve, creativity can be the main differentiator between success and failure, both internally and externally. Therefore focus on what will allow your team to be inspired to come up with the award winning ideas you need to take your business to the next level.

Don’t plan for everything

It is a trend for organisations to enter into a project knowing how they will progress at each turn. Try to leave room for adaptability, to come up with options and alternatives along the way. Then if and when something does go wrong, you can look for a new creative path rather than view it as a necessarily negative situation. Being flexible can remove a lot of the stress that occurs within the walls of your business.

Start small, if necessary. Rome wasn’t built in a day and having a creativity-minded corporation has never been achieved within a 24-hour period either. Consequently, focus on the small and watch the results take seed in other areas of the company. Creativity in your business is one of the best skills your team can possess.