Today Is A Great Day To Launch Your Business

Plans may have been in the woodwork for a while to set up your own business. But it remains that, just a plan! Why? Perhaps you haven’t got the time, you say to yourself. Maybe you feel you are not ready to tackle the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur. Or do you have doubts about the legitimacy of your business plan? If you think long and hard about it, there are tens, if not hundreds, of excuses for not setting up your business today.




It is vital you understand there is a huge difference between a real business concern and an excuse. Having a concern is reasonable but using them as excuses to hinder your goals, will ensure that it never gets off the ground. Instead, you need to understand the importance of minimising those worries and opening those doors.

More individuals than ever before – of all ages – are saying goodbye to the traditional 9 to 5 jobs and establishing a business. And thanks to technological improvements and increased marketing opportunities, excuses not to do so are becoming less relevant.

Fewer start-up costs for modern business owners

Opening a business back in the day was a costly exercise. Today it can be done intelligently on a shoe-string budget from the privacy of your living room if need be. Because of this, the priority to find an investor is unnecessary in a lot of cases. As long as you have the resources to start a small website or an e-commerce store, there is nothing holding you back. Starting little means you do not have to answer to partners or lenders and are fully in control of all day to day operations and management decisions.

Technology levels the playing field

Thanks to technology, a small business has as much chance of winning clients as a larger organisation. Small businesses can operate from anywhere in the world due to the increase in virtual solutions now available. There is no need to rent office space, hire a full-time receptionist or even have a meeting room available. Everything can be done online for a fraction of the cost and much more competitively than that of a larger business.

Call the shots in your career

Unless you want to be marching to the beat of someone else’s drum the rest of your life, then taking the chance on your unique business plan will be extremely attractive. Are you a creative who would love to see their work adorning someone else’s living room? Perhaps you work in a niche area that is seeing a rise in popularity, and you want to take the chance and go out on your own? Whatever the reason, running a small business or being an entrepreneur is your opportunity. The lure of freedom is particularly attractive, especially when you feel you have been held back in your career to date.

So what’s really stopping you from taking that first step?