How To Grow Your Team Successfully

When entrepreneurs start out in business, they spend many long days and nights setting it up, managing the cash flow and trying to grow the business. But it gets to the point where one person cannot do it all. The hard work of all business owners comes at the detriment of their social life, their relationships and their down time and there just never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. When you find that you are juggling the day to day issues rather than thinking creatively about your business, then it is time to make some changes – it is time for you to consider to grow your team.

Seek out qualified staff

When you get to this stage of your business, it is important that you consider taking on another team member, or even more than one. Qualified staff members are imperative to the growth of your business and are a key part of your business being seen as successful.

But before you jump in with your eyes closed, it is important for you to ascertain where you need assistance and whether you are looking at full time or contracted staff. Both will have benefits for your business, so weigh up all the options wisely. Always know what you want before you start the hiring process, so there is no confusion from the applicants. Everyone’s needs are different and will depend on a multitude of different factors.

Consider why you are hiring

Have a think about which areas you struggle in or need assistance in. Are you looking for an administrator to help with the general tasks or someone to assist with the marketing? Do you want someone to handle the bookkeeping or do you need someone to set up some standard procedures so the business can run effectively?

As soon as you are ready to consider hiring someone to fill your position, mention the vacancy to everyone and anyone. You never know what suitable candidates may already be available to you. Remember always to verify they are who they say they are and do background checks to ensure they a good fit for your team.

Encourage diversity

When you interview necessary candidates, consider their personalities and their skills. Try to avoid hiring clones of yourself or employing someone just because you like them. Varying personalities, methodologies and skill sets can bring diversity into the office and fill gaps which are lacking. Individuals who approach tasks differently to yourself will show you other ways to get the job done. They can encourage you to think outside of the box and challenge yourself on a daily basis.

Consider staff needs

Once you have your team members in place, then you have to consider their needs as well as your own. As an employer, the benefits of hiring someone cannot be one-sided. If this is the case, your staff will leave as quickly as they came. Offer up work that will make a real impact in the organisation. If you have full-time or even part-time permanent staff, consider their career path. Provide them with plenty of challenges to aid their growth and offer training and other learning opportunities. And of course, don’t forget the financial rewards and perks that come with the job.

There is undoubtedly a lot to consider when taking on extra staff. Try not to make the jump too soon as the additional stress on your cash flow may be too much for your business to handle.

Understanding your hiring needs and taking the time to find suitable candidates will help you overcome the challenges that arise out of the natural growth of a business.