The Creative Collection

The Creative Collection
By Sophie Andrews


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Sophie Andrews is the award-winning founder/director of numerous enterprises, lecturer, writer, and regular media commentator.

Having led her largest established business, The Accounts Studio, through 9 years of consecutive growth, Sophie is passionate about aligning unique creative minds with the necessary financial knowhow to drive business success. Sophie also teaches at one of Sydney’s top fashion schools and is an expert on how to avoid the number one killer of small business – cash flow.

A talented strategist, Sophie has an amazing ability to break down the mundane and complicated into easily digestible language. Born in The United Kingdom, she now lives in Sydney, Australia with her daughter Jordan.

Features of The Creative Collection Secrets to a Successful Creative Business

The Creative Collection is a business success guide for Creatives.  To add to your experience, we asked the team at Naked Wines to come up with a partner wine for each chapter, which we have included throughout the book. So, if the thought of reading about cash flow tips is one you keep putting off, then we hope this makes the experience a whole lot more fun.
In this book you will receive:

·        The 5 Crucial steps to running a successful creative business
·        Real life interviews and case studies
·        Useful tips & tricks to maximise your profits without minimising your creativity
·        Details on how to uncover the most cost effective techniques for pricing your products or services
·        And the secrets of virtual teams and how to get one.

Summary of ‘The Creative Collection’

The 5 steps to Running a Successful Creative Business

Step 1: Situation and Mindset
This section will cover expectations and mindset, and the most common barriers to creative success.

Step 2: Goal Setting and Planning for Success
Strategies to free up your time from the frustrating everyday tasks of running a business, and where to go for advice.

Step 3: The Linchpin: Capital and Cash Flow
The simple tricks to solving cash flow issues and generating funding.

Step 4: Meet me in the Cloud: The Twenty-First-Century Toolkit
Find out how to effectively outsource the less appealing parts of your business.

Step 5: Evaluate and Streamline
A deep dive into your current finances, growing and streamlining your team and effective techniques for pricing.