Build Your Creative Office Space

There are few things in life that can suck the creative energy right out of you quite like that of a drab and boring office space. Homogenous rows of cubicles completely devoid of personality might be the worst, but generic beige walls and bland carpets are horribly oppressive in their own right.

What does your office look like?

If you’re a creative, you need a space that inspires creativity rather than quashes it!

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Prime Your Creative Business For Success

If you operate a boutique business in the creative industry, whether it be artisan or digital in its function and output,  you would be well aware that your capital resides partly on your creative genius and diversity, but perhaps even more so, your approach to the business which should differ considerably from the stock standard business model.

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Powering Up Your Brand


From the biggest names in the world such as Harley Davidson and Apple to some of the smallest that are less well known such as clothing and lifestyle brands, many have come to rely on something unique that makes them who or what they are.

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Why You Should Invest In Female Team Members

Strong female leaders are everywhere and are as varied as their interests. Despite more articles being written about them, changes still need to be made on the business front. Key findings were published by Babson College on the subject of women CEOs in venture-funded companies, and the results were a low 2.7%. And even more disappointing, 85% failed to have any women on their team at all.

We can talk about equality and diversity until we are blue in the face, but there are some very worthwhile reasons why you should be investing in your female team members.

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Debt Chasing – The Long Wait To Be Paid

Cash flow makes small businesses go round and without it, you have a huge challenge on your hands just to stay afloat. You probably have at some point had to face the issue of late payments – hopefully, it was not too serious, and the bill was settled within a week or two at the maximum.

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The New Key To Building A Magnificent Business

If you are like most of us, you are already well aware that there simply aren’t enough hours in each day to do everything. Being able to stay on top of things and get the job done is critical to achieving success in so many areas of our lives. From building a growing, thriving business to having a personal life outside of your work, finding a way to achieve all the tasks and keep your sanity, is a must. Of course, we all know highly successful people that seem to have it all together, all of the time.

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Here’s a piece of good news for all of you out there who are struggling to keep your creative businesses going. Sophie Andrews has shared industry secrets that will not only show you the path to success, but will also lead you along it step by step